About Gaining Turkish Citizenship Afterwards

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

The subsequent acquisition of Turkish citizenship is through the decision of the competent authority, through the adoption or the exercise of the right to vote.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Competent Authority

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority takes the following ways:

  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship in general
  • Exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship
  • Gaining Turkish citizenship afterwards
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by marriage

 Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship in General Way

The general way of accepting foreign citizenship to Turkish citizenship is citizenship gained by the foreigner’s requesting citizenship through the application and the state’s acceptance of this request.

A foreigner who wishes to switch to Turkish citizenship can acquire Turkish citizenship by decision of the competent authority, if he / she meets the necessary conditions.

In order for foreigners to gain Turkish citizenship:

Having legal and discriminating power according to their own national law and, if stateless, Turkish law,

Continuous living from the date of application to reside in Turkey for five years,

Demonstrate the behavior that decided to settle in Turkey

Not having any diseases that pose a general health hazard,

Having good morals,

They need to speak enough Turkish,

In Turkey, she or he is liable to have income or occupation to ensure the livelihood of him/herself or their dependents

They should not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

The person who decide to settle in Turkey and apply for citizenship needs to have these behaviors below:

To buy immovable property, make investments, establish a business in Turkey or work over a job, a marriage with a Turkish citizen, to have concrete good behaviors revealed his or her intention to settle in Turkey to acquire Turkish citizenship. In this context, citizenship applications of persons residing in Turkey for temporary purposes such as education, tourism, temporary business travel and the treatment can not be accepted.

Determination that the person applying for citizenship has good morals:

It is determined whether the person has a good morality according to whether he / she has been punished for violating social order such as smuggling, fraud or theft, or if he / she has behaviors such as using drugs and prostitution contrary to family life with Turkish customs and customs. Likewise, being tried, convicted or detained for any crime is the reason for the rejection of the application for citizenship.

The condition of not having an obstacle in terms of national security and public order is determined in practice by the registry investigation to be carried out by the National Intelligence Service and the General Directorate of Security. The determination that the person does not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order is realized in this way for all types of citizenship applications in which this requirement is sought.

  • Foreigners who want to gain Turkish citizenship, together with the conditions listed above, may also be required to withdraw from their state citizenship. The determination of the principles regarding the use of this discretion is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.
  • Applications for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship are made to the governorship where the settlement is located in the country and to the foreign representatives abroad, in person or with a special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right.
  • Carrying the required conditions does not provide an absolute right for the person to acquire citizenship.

Exceptionally Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Foreign citizens with certain characteristics have been granted the opportunity to receive Turkish citizenship in exceptional ways, even if they do not have the general conditions for naturalization.

Foreigners who can gain Turkish citizenship through exceptional citizenship:

  • Establishing industrial facilities in Turkey or scientific, technological, economic, social, sports, cultural and artistic areas will be considered exceptional service said sooner or later and who made the offer reasoned in ministries rights.
  • Having the necessity of international relations and the benefit of our country or those who are deemed necessary to acquire Turkish citizenship by the Council of Ministers for any reason.
  • Those who are accepted as immigrants according to the Settlement Law.
  • According to the Settlement Law immigrants, descended from Turkey and Turkish culture is bound to come to Turkey alone or in batches in order to settle Settlement refers to people who are considered as immigrants under the Law. The Council of Ministers decides who belongs to the Turkish noble and Turkish culture. Balkan immigrants were admitted to Turkish citizenship accordingly.
  • People who apply for exceptional citizenship should not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

NOTE: Exceptional citizenship is granted with the proposal of the Ministry of Interior and the decision of the Council of Ministers, regardless of other conditions.

Regaining Turkish Citizenship

People who have lost their Turkish citizenship for any reason regain their citizenship in two ways, depending on the condition of residence or not depending on the condition of residence.

  1. Regaining Turkish Citizenship without the Requirement of Residence

The following situations specified person in Turkey on condition that no state will constitute an obstacle to national security without any requirement of residence, citizenship can be regained with the Turkish Ministry of Interior decision:

  • Those who lost Turkish citizenship by obtaining a leave,
  • Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship outside their will, depending on their parents or fathers, and who have not exercised their right to choose within three years of their adulthood.
  • In this way, people who live abroad and get out of Turkish citizenship and become citizens of the country in which they live are regained Turkish citizenship.
  1. Regaining Turkish Citizenship Based on Residence Conditions

Earlier Turkish citizens is Turkish citizenship can acquire Turkish citizenship on condition that caused to lose those three years of residence in Turkey.

  • The authority for these people to acquire Turkish citizenship lies with the Council of Ministers.
  • In the same way you can gain Turkish citizenship by using the right to choose whether residing in Turkey for three years provided not to lost Turkish citizenship again.
  • People who lose Turkish citizenship by losing or choosing should not have any obstacles in terms of national security in order to become Turkish citizens again.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage

Marriage with a Turkish citizen does not directly acquire Turkish citizenship. In order to claim Turkish citizenship in connection with marriage with a Turkish citizen, the applicant must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years at the time of application and their marriage has been continuing. When these conditions are met, the person gets the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

The foreign spouse who marries the Turkish citizen will have the right to apply to the competent authorities to acquire Turkish citizenship by getting married in case of the above mentioned prerequisites.

The Things You Need to Have for Citizenship Acquisition Through Marriage

There are three basic conditions:

  • Living in a family union,
  • Not to engage in activities incompatible with the marriage union,
  • The absence of an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

The determination of these essential conditions is made by the competent authorities. In practice, criteria such as prostitution and mediation in prostitution are investigated in determining not to be incompatible with the marriage union. The citizenship application will send the file, which contains the opinion of the examination, to the Ministry of Interior for decision. With the citizenship decision to be made by the Ministry of Interior, the foreign spouse gains Turkish citizenship.

Foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage will retain Turkish citizenship if they are well-intentioned to marry.

In the event that the foreigner who gains Turkish citizenship by marriage is decided on the balance of his or her marriage, the question of whether or not he or she will retain Turkish citizenship can be asked from the Ministry of Interior through the governorship of the city. In order for marriage to affect spouse’s citizenship, a legally valid marriage is required. In terms of the license and conditions of marriage, matters will be determined according to the national law of each party. Marriages made in accordance with the legal license, conditions and rules are legally valid marriages, with the exception of the marriages considered to be contrary to the Turkish public order.


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