Elderly People Want to Acquire Turkish Citizenship

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Being left to their fates by Western countries after the Coronavirus outbreak, the lined up for Turkish citizenship. From Spain to Pakistan, elderly population of many countries is calling Turkish citizenship offices. Some people even looking for ways to leave Norway, the happiest country in the world, to live in Turkey.

So-called the most developed countries in the world, USA and Western countries, left the elderly to die after the first Coronavirus case emerged. Nursing homes in the USA and Europe have become ‘death homes’. The number of elderly people who died in nursing homes in Spain, France, England, Italy were hidden. Elderly people in need of care were discharged from hospitals. Turkey evoked admiration from people around the world by protecting its elderly population and bringing all of its citizens who were abroad back home.

It is stated that even Norwegian citizens are looking for Turkish citizenship due to the fact that they are treated with indifference in European countries. Thus, the elderly who have savings and money are attracted to Turkey.

It is also announced that the demand towards getting residence permit is increased. Middle Easterners who lived in the West for two or three generations are now looking for ways to leave there. Yet, they do not want to return to the Middle East. Therefore, they first apply for residence permit valid for a year with the tourist visa. Later, they can obtain residence permit valid for up to five years. The perfect health system of Turkey led to growing demand from EU countries too. The number of families who want a better education for their children and thus looking for ways to live in Turkey increased recently.

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