How can you Obtain Turkish Citizenship Through Investment?

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Thanks to the newly launched foreign investor program, Turkish citizenship can be granted through investment. The question of “How can you get a Turkish citizenship through investment?” has more than one answer.

Turkish citizenship offers many advantages for foreigners. Having just the conditions of living, getting quality education and health services, gaining visa-free access to many countries or easily obtaining a visa to countless countries with a Turkish passport are just some of these advantages. The conditions for gaining Turkish citizenship express the criteria that must be met in order to take advantage of all these advantages.

There are a couple of methods for getting Turkish citizenship. We can list these options through investment as real estate purchase 250,000 US Dollars in Turkey, 500,000 US dollars capital company establishment / purchase or state investment vehicles / state-owned bank to pull to the condition of 500,000 be deposited in US dollars for three years.

Minimum Limit of Real Estate Investment to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by purchasing real estate through investment. You can invest in real estate to get Turkish citizenship. 250,000 USD is the minimum limit in real estate investment to get Turkish citizenship. This lower limit does not imply a single real estate investment. To take advantage of legal regulations, you can invest in more than 250,000 US dollars of real estate. In other words, when purchasing real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship, you can invest in a single real estate or more than one real estate worth the lower limit.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Thanks to the amendments made in the “Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law” with the “new regulation regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through investment”, the conditions for gaining Turkish citizenship were reduced. Accordingly, the amount of investment required to obtain Turkish citizenship was also reduced. The conditions for gaining Turkish citizenship through investment include buying real estate, buying / establishing companies, or investing in state banks / government investment instruments for three years to meet the new minimum limit set by legal regulations.

The conditions for gaining Turkish citizenship, which are set at 250,000 USD for real estate investment and 500,000 USD for capital investment, cover almost all citizens of the country. You can apply for citizenship by collecting the necessary documents determined in the legal regulations and investing in real estate to meet the minimum amount.


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