The Number of Those Who Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

With the regulation made in the previous years, the condition of 2 million dollars fixed capital investment in the acquisition of Turkish citizenship was reduced to 500 thousand dollars and the limit of 1 million dollars in the purchase of real estate became 250 thousand dollars. In this context, investors who do not withdraw their investments or deposits in banks for 3 years or who commit to not sell the property they bought for 3 years are given the right to be Turkish citizens for life. While the housing sector has recovered with the investments, the sector, which has earned 4.8 billion dollars in house sales to foreigners the year after the regulation, is expected to close the year with 10 billion dollar sales.

Mostly, Arab countries, Iran and Turkic Republics shows interest to purchase homes in Turkey to have Turkish citizenship. In addition to this, European countries also have a serious demand on real estate investments in Turkey unlike the general opinion.

Increase Expectation for Turkish Citizenship Applications

According to the data of Ministry of Internal Affairs, number of people applying for citizenship by investing in Turkey exceed 250 people until the end of December. Thus, Turkey’s foreign investment attracted $ 100 million shortly after the legislation. Likewise, considering the fact that the housing sector generated 4.6 billion dollars from sales to foreigners in 2017, it would not be wrong to say that there is a serious potential increase after the new legal regulation.

There are similar immigration programs and dual citizenship practices in many countries around the world. The market is expected to reach a larger volume day by day, as the largest countries in the world are among the economically mentioned countries. In particular, demand for dual citizenship countries providing visa-free travel to many countries such as Turkey are also continuing to rise day by day.

Turkey is among the countries that give dual citizenship by way of investing for a long time. Our country, which has made it easier to obtain a work permit, has taken serious steps towards granting citizenship to foreigners. In the second stage, our government switched to the Turquoise Card application. Turquoise Card aims to facilitate brain drain, capital and the movement of qualified population to our country. In this way, people who want to invest from all over the world through Turquoise Card can get the chance to contribute to the welfare of the country by bringing capital to our country.

Citizenship Application Processes

Although the legal arrangements caused the process easier, those who plan to apply for Turkish Citizenship should take very sensitive steps throughout the process. Also the people who do not know our country’s language and culture need manage the process by the people who know reliable sources in Turkey if they do not want to be abused. In this context, occupational groups such as Turkish citizenship investment consultancy provide great convenience to foreigners who want to apply. Especially those who want to get citizenship by way of investing can perform their citizenship application process through investment planning and real estate agents in Turkey.


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