The Things You Need to Know About the Process of Becoming Turkish Citizen

General, Turkey Citizenship by Investment

In the last 20 years, Turkey create a significant global impact the lives of immigrants on the topics of business, investment, tourism. Therefore, many foreign individuals want to move to Turkey, to establish a business in Turkey or to benefit from the same rights as a means of becoming a Turkish citizen. Among the advantages of Turkish citizenship are the elimination of the need for a residence permit, as well as the right to work and voting, thereby saving time and money. In addition, individuals who are entitled to become Turkish citizens can pay the social security system for health and pensions.

Many foreign nationals wonder how to apply for Turkish citizenship, either through their lives or work, and seek answers to the question of how to acquire Turkish citizenship. Except for Adoption and other extraordinary circumstances, most people can be a citizen of Turkey together with the implementation of the following criteria:

  1. Marrying a Turkish Citizen

After being married to a Turk for three years, he or she can be eligible to become a Turkish citizen and apply for citizenship through marriage. The activities of both partners in marriage are evaluated to check that marriage is not done for illegal activities such as prostitution or slave trade. In addition, certain conditions such as living together, avoiding behaviors that may harm the marriage union and not threatening public order or national security are among the conditions of being a Turkish citizen. In case of divorce after marriage, foreigners do not lose acquired citizenship.

  1. Long Term Residence

Any property owner living in Turkey and the people residing in the country for five years, provided that remaining in Turkey for at least 185 days according to each calendar year can apply to citizenship. Article 11 of the Law No. 5901 lists the conditions for uninterrupted residence permit. There is no minimum amount for the property value. To have a clean medical history and to understand the Turkish language, along with other characteristics clearly, it is considered as showing the details regarding the seriousness of living in Turkey. Another specification is that the applicant is well-moral.

  1. Birth

The easiest way is to be born in a family with a Turkish mother and father. According to Article 1 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 403, citizens born from one or two Turkish parents have the right to citizenship at once. Anyone who has lost their Turkish citizenship can apply again.

  1. Pedigree

This process expresses the right to descendant citizenship rather than birthplace. People who own a Turkish mother or father are automatically eligible to become Turkish citizens, wherever they are born in the world.

  1. Turquoise System

Turquoise System, which came into force in 2017; provides an opportunity to apply for an alternative citizenship that gives almost full rights to people who have skills and attributes in technology, economics, sports, culture and arts, and corporate executives and investors.

Apart from all these, the Turkish government developed a fast system in 2017 to become a Turkish citizen. Foreign individuals who have purchased a property worth 1,000,000 USD or have invested $ 3,000,000 in Turkish banks are examples of those who are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship. Both processes should remain in place for three years. People who invest at least 2,000,000 USD in fixed capital or employ 100 Turkish employees are also included in this system.

Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Health certificate proving your health
  • Four passport size photos
  • Criminal record

If the Turkish citizenship application form is filled as a result of marriage with a Turkish citizen, the Turkish identity and registration details in the Population Directorate should be shown. The foreign national individuals who married in Turkey are required to present a copy of the marriage certificate to apply for the citizenship.

It is among the conditions for foreigners to switch to Turkish citizenship that long-term applicants show a valid statement of residence permits for six months, their income, evidence of the individual’s self-support and their marital status.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All kinds of documents and transfers, translations and notarized documents issued by a foreign country must be certified. Currently, foreign men over the age of 41 are exempt from compulsory military service.

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