The Wealthiest is Now After Intangible Assets Such as Citizenship

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s lives across the globe, including the lives of the wealthiest.

People who possess at least $5 million show an increasing demand towards intangible assets like second passports or citizenships, and healthcare.

The affluent’s mindset about the luxury living has changed. They are more likely to prioritize their families now. Today’s luxury is about an additional passport, healthcare access and being free to go anywhere they feel secure anytime they want.

Many affluent people want second homes as exclusive havens. But with these homes, they want to be a resident and gain access to facilities, passport and healthcare.

This is why Turkey’s real estate has been so popular in the recent years and after the pandemic. The real estate market is booming with affluent foreigners demanding luxury homes after the pandemic.

Turkey offers inclusive healthcare, modern hospitals and sufficient medicine free of charge to its residents if they pay the insurance which is a small amount.

The affluent elderly is after great healthcare while the middle-aged want to gain access to powerful passports.

Turkey’s wide range of luxury property listing also tempts the international buyer. The low prices of the houses and the citizenship program which enables foreigners to obtain citizenship for a $250,000 property are attracting attention internationally.

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