Ways to Win Turkish Citizenship

General, Turkey Citizenship by Investment

In general sense, there are two types of the acquisition of Turkish citizenship such as either by birth or afterwards.


Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is citizenship acquired at the time of birth, and upon notification, it becomes valid from the moment of birth. Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by birth is based on pedigree or birthplace.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Through Pedigree

Citizenship acquired through pedigree refers to the acquisition of citizenship of a Turkish citizen mother or father with whom he / she is affiliated.

In order for the child to acquire Turkish citizenship through pedigree, it is sufficient for only one of the parents to be Turkish citizen at the time of birth of the child. Even if mother or father has a foreign citizenship or the child is not born on Turkey, it does not interfere with the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

Children born out of marriage (Adulterine):

  • If the mother is a Turkish citizen, citizenship is valid from the moment of birth,
  • If the father is a Turkish citizen, on the other hand, Turkish citizenship can be valid with the recognition of paternity or the decision of paternity in court.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Based on Birthplace Basis

The children who are born in Turkey and do not have another citizenship because of the following reasons acquire Turkish citizenship since their birth.

These reasons are that the child’s parents are not certain, are stateless and cannot acquire citizenship under national laws.

Children found in Turkey, unless proven otherwise is deemed to born in Turkey. Children who have not been able to express themselves due to their age are registered by the authorities to the population of the location they are found.


  • Each state has the right to decide which persons or nationals of the country can become its own citizens within the framework of the law.
  • People cannot be left stateless. The statelessness of the person who will be removed from citizenship prevents the removal from citizenship.
  • The person cannot be arbitrarily removed from the citizenship he or she has acquired.
  • Citizenship cannot be imposed on the person, and the person’s demand to withdraw from citizenship cannot be arbitrarily prevented by the state.
  • Citizens cannot be prevented from entering the country and citizens cannot be deported for any reason.
  • In the case of dual citizenship or multi-citizenship, the person cannot claim citizenship of the other country against the country he / she is a citizen of.
  • The citizen cannot be returned to another country.


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