What is Turquoise Card? Who Can Get Turquoise Card?

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

In our country, the rate of employing foreign workers has increased considerably in recent years. Unemployment and informal working is negatively affected, especially due to migration from Syria and other regional countries. The important point here is that employers are not subject to penalties as a result of employing workers in accordance with the work permit legislation and inspections.

Importance of Turquoise Card in Employment of Foreign Workers

Turquoise Card application was launched in 2017 on work permits. If you have Turquoise Card that our country gives foreigners, you can have unlimited right to work and reside in Turkey, in addition to a certificate granting the right of residence to the workers’ relatives. Therefore, Turquoise Card gives foreigners two important rights: the right to work indefinitely and the right to residence.

The right to work with these rights is given only to the cardholder. On the other hand, the right of residence is granted not only to the card holder but also to his / her relative. When speaking of a Turquoise Card holder relative, it is necessary to understand that it means foreign worker’s, namely Turquoise Card holder’s wife and his or her non-adult or dependent foreign children.

Who Can Get Turquoise Card?

Not every foreigner who wants a Turquoise Card can get it. There are some conditions for this. Accordingly, we can list the people who can buy Turquoise Card as follows:

  • Foreigners who are considered as highly qualified labor force in terms of education level, salary, professional knowledge and experience, contribution to science and technology and similar qualities.
  • Foreigners who are considered as highly qualified investors in terms of investment or export level, the size of the employment they will provide, their contribution to scientific and technological development and similar features.
  • Scientist or researcher foreigners who contribute to scientific and technological development or conduct studies and research in the fields of science, industry and technology that are considered to be strategically international in terms of national interests.
  • Foreigners who are internationally successful in terms of cultural, artistic or sports activities.
  • People who contributed to the international recognition or promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture. Foreigners who operate at the international level on issues related to Turkey’s national interests.

Turquoise Card Application

It is carried out directly through the Ministry’s Foreign Application, Evaluation and Monitoring System. In addition, it can be done through the Turkish foreign agency in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legally resident abroad. Also foreign worker who lawfully present in Turkey can make the application directly through Evaluation and Monitoring System of the Ministry with the foreign identification number.

Applications made with the documents required for Turquoise Card are evaluated and it is decided whether the card can be issued or not. A scoring system is used to evaluate the Turquoise Card application. Applications scoring sufficient points within the scoring system are evaluated positively.

Applications can be rejected!

As a result of the evaluation made after the application, Turquoise Card applications of those who do not meet the evaluation criteria determined by the Ministry are rejected.

In addition, there are other reasons for the rejection of the application:

  • Application with false or misleading information and documents.
  • The reason for the employment of foreigners is not considered sufficient.
  • Making the application for jobs and occupations reserved for Turkish citizens in other laws.
  • If the foreign person is not allowed to enter Turkey, she / he has no visa or he or she is deported due to some reasons.
  • Foreign public order (if there are drawbacks in terms of public security or public health in this work field at Turkey).
  • Be citizens of countries where there are no diplomatic relations with the Republic of Turkey or a country Turkey do not recognize.
  • The application is not made within the legal period or the deficiencies are not completed.

It Has 3 Years Control Period

The Turquoise Card will be given to the foreigner, with the first three years being the transition period. During this transition, the expert appointed by the Ministry will be kept under foreign control. The request for the removal of the transition period registration must be made before the transition period expires, since 180 days before the transition period expires. If no application is made within this period, the Turquoise Card will become invalid.

Transition period registration is removed by the General Directorate if the final report to be prepared by the specialist is positive within 30 days from the request date of the foreigner who receives the Turquoise Card. If the final report prepared by the relevant expert is negative, it is decided to extend the transition period or cancel the Turquoise Card after the evaluation to be made by the General Directorate. If the turquoise card is not canceled within the transition period and the request for the removal of the transition time record is deemed appropriate, the transit time record of the foreigner in the Turquoise Card will be removed and the Turquoise Card will become indefinite.

The Card Will Be Canceled If It Works Uninsured

Turquoise Card can be canceled in some cases. The most striking of these is that it is determined that the card holder is working informally. Moreover, no time was envisaged in informal work. In other words, Turquoise Card can be canceled if it is worked without insurance for one day.

Apart from this, some of the cases where the Turquoise Card can be canceled are as follows:

  • From the validity date of Turquoise Card; Not come to Turkey within six months or stay two years abroad continuously for a long time without force majeure
  • The validity period of the passport or the document that replaces the passport is not extended,
  • It is determined that the foreigner does not work without interruption for at least one year.
  • Subsequent detection of Turquoise Card application with fake or misleading information and documents

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